Divorce attorney Roger Seat can advise you on spousal support.  Spousal support is the amount of money one pays to their former spouse after a divorce.  In Colorado, we no longer call spousal support alimony rather we call it maintenance.  The court may award maintenance if a party lacks the ability to reasonably support themselves through appropriate employment after the divorce.  In deciding whether to award maintenance, the court will consider factors such as the length of the marriage, age of the parties, income, income earning potential, and prenuptial agreements.   After awarding maintenance, the court normally retains jurisdiction to modify it based upon changed circumstances.


As a knowledgeable divorce lawyer, I will review your situation and advise you as to whether you should seek spousal support or argue against it being awarded based upon the many factors the law allows the court to consider.  For more information about spousal support or to schedule a low cost initial consultation with a Loveland divorce attorneycall 970-988-3510 or fill out the contact form on this website.